Our Owner

Windy Zhao

Windy has been with us for over a three years now and has put in many hours to make the boutique perfect. Three and a half years ago Windy's first task as owner was to do a major facelift to our spacious shop. She envisioned an inviting open concept space for brides on such a memorable day. It is important to Windy that we maintain relationships with all our lovely clients and partners but is enthusiastic to build many more. As a new owner, re-establishing Luz Bridal Boutique around Victoria and the Lower Island is Windy's top priority. Windy has many surprises for our shop and we are all looking forward to sharing them with every bride.

While not in the shop Windy is with her husband, daughter, and lovely dog Toby! She's a lover of chocolate, wine, and evenings with friends and family.